Just got up. I finally got to sleep around 4:30. I was sick all night with the same symptoms (only worse) that sent me to the hospital the last time, this time with the added feature of vomiting. (Sorry.) And the vomiting actually had nothing to do with the $20,000 bill I got from the hospital yesterday for that last little excursion.

I wish I knew what what I was doing wrong so I could stop doing it.

UPDATE: A friend points out that I’m describing symptoms of a classic gallbladder attack — which is much more common after weight loss. So I’m sick because I lost weight to be healthier? Yay.

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  1. I was able to apply for a charity reduction on my mother’s hospital bills which were considerable even though she has Medicare. And facilities that get certain federal funds may give reductions under the “Hill-Burton Act”. I got 1/2 off my doctor’s bill because she works for a clinic run through the medical school. Good luck.

    Try that mindfulness meditation and see if any feelings or ideas surface about where this is coming from. I agree with the person who recommends your throwing out that air conditioner.

  2. My wife had gall bladder problems and she’s a nurse. If you’re stumped and want to talk to someone, contact me by email.

  3. Have you been checked for gall stones? They can go unnoticed for years and then suddenly flare up. And when they do, it feels remarkably like a heart attack.

    I found out I have them this past spring. I had an emergency appendectomy, and the surgeon noticed that I have gall stones. He said that at some point the gall bladder will have to come out. In the meantime, he told me to avoid fatty and fried food. as the fat and grease irritate the gall bladder.

    An abdominal ultra-sound will reveal gall stones, if you have them.

  4. Maybe you could send your hospital bill to Ron Paul and he can give it to his church to help you pay it.

  5. Stay away from mold Susie. They are horrible.

    I haven’t been to the site recently but (Dr. Andrew Weil) has a women’s health forum where you can post question and see if you get responses from other people. The moderator pitches in once in a while with some useful links/info.

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