4 thoughts on “Weather

  1. It was so cold I had to close my windows for the first time in months. And I had to turn off the ceiling fan; window fans went off during the day as the cold front came through.

    I’ve avoided using the AC this summer, mostly to save money but also because it’s getting harder to install them in the windows where I need them.

    I have an AC in the closed off guest room which still works, and I did have that on during the longest heat wave, but mostly for my dying cat. He was actually panting and I feared for his compromised body’s ability to cool himself. He made it. I made it (for some reason I don’t react as miserably to high temps as I did when I was younger…).

  2. Down to 40, said my neighbor who wakes up around 5 AM; temp was 45 at my place when I looked around 8 AM.

    Northern NJ suboonia.

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