Buyer’s remorse

I had an extended conversation with a former Obama supporter today when I finally got him to admit that his reasons for supporting Obama weren’t logical, and that Hillary Clinton was the real Democrat.

And now Cannonfire has this.

Sucks to be right. If only the inexperienced Obama had spent eight years as VP under Clinton, he would have been ready — and maybe not so damned gullible about (and admiring of) the corporatists.

3 thoughts on “Buyer’s remorse

  1. Mark Penn. Ugly, stupid, wrong, and chief strategist to the Clinton campaign. Not a good indication of judgment, but at least Hillary has character. Compared to Obama, who never had a principle he wasn’t willing to pre-negotiate into oblivion, Hillary probably would have found a way to nail Mitch McConnell’s ass to the wall and kept him twisting and squirming up there, Henry VIII style, for everyone to contemplate.

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