Today’s statement on Occupy Wall Street:

We are announcing Operation Orwell Rewind. This is both a support operation to assist and encourage protesters involved with #OccupyWallStreet and also an offensive against those we see as the true villains.

We will associate every incident of brutality and infringement of rights not with the police officers but the bankers and military contractors who radicalized police against the people.

One of these clubs is the financiers’ club and the other hitman. Imagine if you will how much easier it is to poison those who are trusted with safety by training them with brutal techniques against the people than to carry out individual attacks against communities. We are on to the real threat to freedom… and they know it.

It is not the wealthy. They build. It is not the powerful. They plan. It is the paranoid, restless, reckless, and arrogant who are addicted to risk for they have no substance to stand on. They are parasites.

The parasites steal and murder to gain far more. They conspire to destroy indiscriminately for, as the saying goes, “just another hit.” They are mad ideologues who promote racism and other divisive ideas to keep their potential competition and critics unable to gather strength.

They are the enemy, not because they oppose the people, but because their lack of substance causes them to see anyone with more vitality, humanity, and ability as a threat to their existence. All the creative work of society is laid waste in the blink of an eye to buy themselves a thin moment’s rest.

We will publish the names of banks, corporations, and institutions that have sucked on the blood of the people. We will provide aid to creators and protesters. We will expose corruption. We will educate the people as to the use of emergency law powers which bypass checks and balances.

On our way to dismantling this destructive cult with our creative disruption, we will make demands in support of #OccupyWallStreet as a courtesy, but we are prepared to render these parasites irrelevant by providing alternatives to their abuse. We give fair warning.