4 thoughts on “Clinton Global Initiative

  1. Clinton is a genuine globalist, bought and paid-for.
    Seeing as how if we stop burning fossil fuels tomorrow to stop the “global warming,” we would all be scratching the ground with sticks looking for food next year, I suggest we all step back and look at the geological climate record, which clearly shows periods of warming and cooling that were absolutely not caused by humans.
    [Not to rain on the globalist climate-panic profit parade, er nothin’.]
    Right now, we are in an interglacial warming period. It’s part of a natural cycle, probably based on solar factors.
    The adult scientists at CERN have been looking into it.
    Cosmic rays, people.
    The SUN.
    NOT us. [Humans just have to be in the center of every damned thing, right?] Anything else has a profit motive attached.

  2. The anthropogenic climate change meme is an intellectual catastrophe for human beings, a classic illustration of the madness of crowds.

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