3 thoughts on “Assholes

  1. If the Dem controlled Senate votes this down, the House R’s and other R’s have a new talking point: The Dems shut the government down!

    Aside from the politics, what is with these R’s that they keep wanting Americans to have to spend more on oil and gas? They don’t want to allow savings in expenditures for people if it means savings in carbon emissions?

    Or is it a longterm plan to impoverish the middle and lower classes of all Americans even more than they already are?

  2. jawbone, it’s a long time plan. And they’re putting it into effect quite well. Gasoline is subsidised in this country. A gallon of gas sould be at least $6.00 to reflect it’s ‘real’ cost. Anything lower than that is, in the long run, impoverishing American’s. The Israeli Knesset controls our Congress. And our President. If you have any issues bring them to it.

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