5 thoughts on “Simple, really

  1. All Republicans either have an extra gene or they’re short a gene. Nothing else can explain why anyone would be a Republican. The extra gene must be some sort of “fear” gene. The one that tells them that anyone who doesn’t believe as ‘I’ do is an enemy. So ‘I’ got to get them before they get me. The neo-cons are like that. So are the Zionists. The gene they’re short of must be the one that tells them that there must be a better way to talk to somebody other than clubing them over the head and tying them up before a conversation takes place. Again, that’s the neo-cons. And the Zionists. Silly Republicans.

  2. Imhotep, you don’t seem to realize that “Zionism” is a bipartisan affair in the US.
    It has nothing to do with Republicanism. It’s one of the few things that the two parties can agree on.

  3. you faked me out. i thought the link was going to be about Obama not Scott Brown. i certainly don’t hate all republicans, at least not the goodlooking ones that can suck a mean d*ck.

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