4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite baseball movie?

  1. My top three, in descending order, are Bull Durham, Field if Dreams, and Eight Men Out. I also like A League of Their Own and Major League a lot.

    I haven’t seen The Rookie, but it sounds promising. I don’t like The Natural, and for some reason, wasn’t able to get into Bang the Drum Slowly. The Babe, with John Goodman, is a penny-pinching disaster. If only they had cast John Candy in the title role — this man-child was Ruth’s reincarnation and could have saved the movie.

    The older black & white baseball flicks are generally mediocre. It Happens Every Spring (where Ray Milland plays a professor who invents a substance that is repelled by wood, and which therefor makes treated balls unhittable) is a nice exception. The original Angels in the Outfield is one of the better ones. Seeing it as a kid, when it was nearly brand-new, made me overjoyed that a movie showing baseball action even existed. (That was before we had a TV.)

    I can no longer remember if The Stratton Story (about true-life one-legged pitcher Monty Stratton) was any good. The Babe Ruth Story and Pride of the Yankees live on undeservedly — that may be due to a lot of undiscerning Yankee fans out there.
    Has anyone seen Rhubarb, in which a cat inherits the Brooklyn Dodgers?

    It would be wonderful if the Coen brothers made a baseball movie. It would also be great if someone could create a Jackie Robinson biopic worthy of its subject. And since baseball is so big in Latin America and parts of Asia (especially Japan), it would be nice to see indigenous baseball movies from those places, if they even exist.

  2. In 1937 Herman Goerig (Hitler’s butt boy) visited the US and addended a Notre Dame football game… coming away with the observation “don’t go to War with people who play games like that”.

    Baseball – Arena Sports – should be illegal. Think about The Wave.

  3. Damn Yankees.

    I mean, who wouldn’t sell their soul to the devil to dance with Gwen Verdon……er, defeat the Dodgers….umm, Yankees.

    You get what I mean.


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