3 thoughts on “Blame the bloggers

  1. In contrast: So, it’s Herman Cain week? Do you get the feeling that the Republicans don’t know what they want? Eventually all schizophrenic hypocrites go stark raving mad. The fact that the Republican Party has gone completely nuts should come as no big surprise to anyone. Except to themselves of course. But, then, they were all insane to begin with. And the Zionists aren’t helping the Republicans to regain their mental health by calling on all Jewish Democrats to become Republicans. Funny shit really.

  2. Previous multiple donator:

    Mr. Alasadi contributed repeatedly to Mr. Obama during his first campaign but says he will not give the president — or anyone else — any more money.

    “Now I am seeing him as just an opportunistic politician,” Mr. Alasadi said. (My emphasis)

    Democrats running for electon should be very, very concerned about the bolded part of Mr. Alasadi’s refusal to donate.

    Don’t party Dems get it? Or are they too fearful of a party schism to say anything….

    Bad moon rising for Dem pols.

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