4 thoughts on “You can’t make it up

  1. You gotta’ put your specs on and get real close, but in the video the son of a bitch was smiling as he sprayed those girls.

    Out in my part of the world “bologna” is a polite way of calling bullshit.

  2. The casual brutality Baloney employs is what cops are taught in our militarized society; since every criminal is dangerous and everyone’s a criminal (except bankers and CEO’s of course), one is authorized to fuck up anyone (except bankers and CEO’s of course) who doesn’t get the fuck out of your way.

  3. Word is, Tony Baloney also had brutality complaints for his actions at the 2004 RNC convention.

  4. Mafia, perhaps? I mean, come ON. Like this country is not riddled with corruption?

    This country is riddled with organized crime. Or should I say, CON-MEN—the first floor. Or should I say GOVERNMENT/MILITARY—the last floor?

    P.S. Just a thought about how they are not quite finished looting us yet. Rule of law? Just fuck me.

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