Via email about #occupywallstreet:

But the biggest piece of news related to all this is that not only are people doing coordinated weeks of action but that this week an ACCE member in Los Angeles (well, La Puente) has stated publicly that she will not be leaving her house even though she got a 5-day notice of eviction/foreclosure that goes into effect this Thursday.

ACCE is organizing home defense of Rose Gudiel and her family’s house and will be working hard to make sure there are enough people there to dissuade the Sheriff from kicking them out.

You can find more here: https://www.facebook.com/MakeWallStreetBanksPayCalifornia

and here: http://www.makebankspaycalifornia.com/

And you can follow the ACCE Home Defenders League on Twitter here: @HDL22

More like this! It’s the kind of thing that socialists and communists did in the 1930s that scared the hell out of the establishment and led to the New Deal.

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  1. Oligarchy. The 30’s had at the “establishment” and we have a battle with the oligarchy. In other words the war is very narrow by comparison.

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