8 thoughts on “Advice

  1. I sleep better if I go for a long walk in the afternoon.
    In any case, I hope you get through this.

  2. Be careful if you go with Ambien. It is an awful drug. When I took it I got a terrible case of vertigo. Also, it caused hallucinations which, because I was not expecting them, were unnerving. I loved my tripping days back
    in the day, but I prefer to choose the time, the place and the hallucinogen.

  3. Totally agree with caseyOR………………….Ambien can be a b%tch to sleep off. You’ll definitely get off to sleep—-and sleep very, very soundly, but once you awake you’ll still feel the drug. I’ve had better dope in my life!

  4. Exercise. If you cannot walk, use some light hand weights and work out your upper body and arms. If. You. Exercise. You. Will. Sleep.
    And turn off the fuquing computer.

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