2 thoughts on “Frank Luntz

  1. All politicians lie. Their flunkies, like Luntz, always create new language for them so that they can deceive the people. War is Peace, torture is enhanced interrogation, Bush won the 2000 election, that sort of nonsense. Very “1984” and Big Brother. Like the Fascists have been doing for 100 years now.

  2. Its not a “misuse of language” its a classic “use of language” to persuade the untrained and unaware into accepting whatever case the speaker is promoting. We call it “marketing” and the object is to get people to buy what is being sold.

    The ancient Greeks called it “Sophistry” and ambitious fathers paid professional sophists to teach their sons how to become rich and successful in law and politics by being able to “make the worse appear to be the better case.”

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