Occupy everywhere

I have to say, Portland really sounds like the worst place to protest. Philly, on the other hand, is cooperating with the protesters. (I’m not sure I trust them, but for now, okay.) The mayor says he wants to help (and not in that Mike Bloomberg kind of way) and the police commissioner is out there talking to the kids.

So we’ll see how it ends.

3 thoughts on “Occupy everywhere

  1. Here is what happened in Portland today. Aprox. 5,000-6,000 people marched through downtown, rallied at Pioneer Courthouse Square, continued the march. Many are now camping in two downtown parks.

    Although the marchers refused to apply for a parade permit (actually a smart move) the march went off w/o a hitch. The police did not make any arrests nor did they attack anyone. All was peaceful. Traffic was a mess in the city core, but drivers were actually pretty supportive of the march, honking horns, etc.

    It is illegal to camp in city parks. The mayor suspended that ordinance for Occupy Portland for tonight. Occupy Portland has been told they must leave the parks by 9:00 Friday morning because the Portland Marathon, which begins and ends in downtown, is being run this Sunday. Marathon organizers will be setting up Friday and Saturday.

    Portland has a long and proud history of political demonstrations. Poppy Bush found Portland so uncomfortable because of the protests at his every visit that he dubbed Portland “Little Beirut.”

    I understand why the lawyer wrote that article. The Portland Police Bureau has a history of beating, humiliating and killing people. And they always get away with it. For the most part this happens when they encounter individual citizens, not when all the TV cameras are trained on them. That said, yes, if OP refuses to leave tomorrow morning or if they try to set up in another downtown park or if they move to any city park without an waiver from the mayor the police will move in. If any violence starts the police will finish it.

    Still, as a general rule if the protest is non-violent most cops will behave in a similar manner. I don’t think Portland police are any more or any less likely to go after demonstrators than the police in any American city.

  2. Thank you Casey. Folks, while Portland is indeed in Oregon, Portland is not Oregon. In fact, most folks around here would be happy to give Portland to Mexico, or Washington.

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