I was moaning to Amato this afternoon that I just knew Ryan Howard would lose tonight’s game for us, I just knew it. He said nah, you got Halladay, the Phillies will be fine.

But as a lifelong Philadelphian, I have a finely-calibrated nose for the stench of collapse. Oh well!

8 thoughts on “Argghh

  1. Don’t be so hard on Howard. His ground-out was only one of 27 outs Chris Carpenter tallied without allowing a run to score. As disappointing as it is, it was just one of those games where the pitcher would not be denied.

  2. It’s just sports – a pasttime to distract you from how awful things really are. There are far more important things to be upset about, but i understand.

  3. Hey Suze, you wanna talk about STENCH???? Did anyone notice what happened to the Braves here in The ATL……………………..AAAArrrrgh!

  4. Good pitching generally beats good hitting. And RH was the perfect one to end the game, seeing as how he couldn’t buy a hit against any pitching. Halladay was great; Carpenter was a bit better.

    I thought the World Series would be the Yanks against the Phillies. I bet the Yanks and the Phillies thought the same. (I’ve been a Yankee fan for some 60+ years, since I was a little kid growing up on Long Island, so I do empathize.)

    IMO, the teams with the fire in their bellies won. What next? The Rangers better watch out. They are not a sure thing, not the way things have been going.

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