Dear web publishers,
I know you think it’s a great idea to raise your page counts by putting only one paragraph per page to get readers to click on the next, but I’m not doing it. In fact, I’m making it a point to unsubscribe from every single newsletter that does it.

It’s a very inconsiderate thing to do, considering the numbers of people out there with repetitive motion injuries. Thanks for trying to add to the damage!

Your former reader

One thought on “Delete

  1. I understand your message.

    I want web designer to stop using Flash for so many things. I have a problem with visual and aural overstimulation and when a web page has too much going on it becomes painful to try and read the content I’m on the page for. I use a flash blocker and ad blocker but then there are functions I may want to use (like comments at the NY Times) that I can’t because they are also use flash.

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