Bringing in butchers to help heal the sick

Obama says he’s working with a job creation committee. What he’s really doing is telling job seekers they’ll have to play ball with his corporatist pals and routinely accept jobs that pay less and involve fewer benefits than their parents enjoyed. More here.

3 thoughts on “Bringing in butchers to help heal the sick

  1. In 2007 and 2008 when the shit hit the fan the average American lost 3.2% of their income. After Obama came to power in 2009, and through 2010 Americans lost another 6.7% of their income. So the person making $50,000 in 2006 is now making $45,000. Of course the top 1% gained all of that income. Aren’t ya proud to be an American?

  2. “Of course the top 1% gained all of that income.” Plus they gain all of the growth that has occurred since the end of the recession.

    But sadly, this in your face gesture was towards the liberal blogosphere. The vast majority of Americans will see this as “doing something” about jobs. Even if they will most likely see it as entirely inadequate, they won’t get that he is adding insult to injury. Someone must think they are very clever pulling this stunt. But at this point I have to wonder at what point people will just get fed up with his too little, too late approach, even if they think he is acting in good faith.

    I wish Paul Krugman would call him out on this though. This is just so emblematic of his whole political career. PK was great this morning.

  3. The Occupy movement all over the country is growing BECAUSE of the inadequacies of the government to fix the problem (which essentially can’t be fixed). They are from all walks of life, many different age groups (i saw a group of elementary school students with their teacher at the rally, as well as older people who’ve lost their pensions and investments in the casino stock market), vets, cops, firefighters, as well as housewives, doctors and nurses, many homeless, some unemployed, high school and college students – the whole gamut of our citizenry – and we’re all angry, disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted with politics, the corporate stranglehold on jobs and wages, the gross misdistribution of wealth and the continuing pollution of the planet (to name a few of the points we’re making).

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