3 thoughts on “‘We are the 53 percent’

  1. “Then they fight with you.” New polling: 51% of Americans have heard of the OWS protests, while 49% have not. Of the 51% who have heard of them, 27% support them, 19% don’t and 54% haven’t made up their minds yet. For what it’s worth, the British oligarchy of the time estimated that 10% of the colonists supported the Revolution, 50% did not, and 40% had no opinion. As it turned out the 10% won the war. Bye, Bye oligarchy.

  2. I get the impression the people responding to this 53%er site don’t have any sense of economic history. Income inequality and the decline in American manufacturing over the last 3 decades mean nothing to them. Offshoring, corporate tax havens and the way things are stacked against labor does not register. Maybe it’s all they’ve known? I’m old enough to remember labor unions, pensions and American-made things.

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