Apparently the power supply on my desktop has conked out. (The monitor kept turning off, and I discovered that the back of the case was really hot and one of the fans stopped working.)

I can’t fix it until next week because I’m leaving Thursday a.m., going away for a couple of days to the land of sunshine. Thank heavens I have a laptop from C&L, but it’s a pain in the ass to type on one for an extended period. Oh well!

5 thoughts on “Rats

  1. Plug in your PC’s keyboard.

    I had a tablet PC loaned a tablet PC when I was in the hospital burn center last summer, but the keyboard was hell to type on–I had a friend bring my keyboard from home and it saved my wrists, fingers, and temper.

  2. The power supply for you “desktop” doesn’t have anything to do with the monitor. The power supply for you desktop is in your desktop, the power supply for your monitor is, if a CRT in the monitor or, if a digital flat panel an external supply not unlike (indeed, if an HP the same) a laptop power supply – which HP has had ongoing recalls for several years now. As one who makes a pretty good living fixing Windows (but goes home at night to a Mac) my guess is the later, and you should check the HP website about a recall replacement.

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