Another day in Crazyland

“Oh shit,” I said to myself. “Self, you need to go get your new photo license before you get on the plane tomorrow, because your old one expired last week.”

So I found the new photo card, grabbed my purse and ran downstairs to make it to the license center before closing — but my battery was dead.

My battery was dead because for days, I had an “open door” sign that wouldn’t go away. I never made the connection.

Fortunately, my landlord had one of those chargers. “Don’t you have a passport?” he asked. “No, I’m an American,” I explained. Anyway, he hooked up the charger and after 15 minutes or so, I was on my way. I got there just before the place closed, and even though I was out of breath and my hair was flying all over the place, at least I have an official ID and can get on the plane tomorrow.

What I really need is a wife.

6 thoughts on “Another day in Crazyland

  1. Your wife would have made you late making you listen to her yell at you for waiting to the last minute and then letting the battery run down.

  2. You’re not an American — you’re a Commie!

    So you can get the passport with a clear conscience…

  3. No way, Suze! Your wife woulda’ been wanting to find out who the fuck you were taking witcha’ if she couldn’t go.

  4. I have a wife. Several years ago, the day before she was to leave for Europe, I picked up the phone at work to hear her wailing that she had forgotten to renew her passport. I found the expedited passport renewal office, delivered her there, and picked her up, all in time for her trip. She needs a wife!

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