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  1. 1) Weather is not climate. 2) Global warming is a fact. 3) Humans didn’t cause it. 4) Nobody was burning fossil fuels 20,000 years ago when there was two miles of ice over Albany, NY. We only started burning hydrocarbons 152 years ago, yet, folks are claiming that humans are causing all this sea level change, the last bout of which has caused the former Atlantic Ocean beaches to become offshore continental shelf and the Chesapeake Bay to form in what was once the Susquehanna River Valley. [Humans didn’t do that!] 5) We live in an interglacial warming period. Enjoy the nice weather! 6) Your migration results may vary.

  2. Susie, what’s stunning is the lack of coverage of the weather catastrophe in Thailand.

    I heard about it during a segment on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show which asked people to share the twitter feeds they were following, and a woman called in about the incredible extent of the flooding.

    Now, I have been extremely busy with RL (frig has become an Olympic rain forest inside and I’ve had to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I will have to raise the cabinet over the frig a few inches and also dismantle the end of the kitchen going to the deck. I figured 3-4 days–that’s now doubled as my old back injury is back. No pun intended….), so don’t have time to read as extensively as usual, but…I do listen to news.

    We are a very inward-looking nation. Unless we’re being primed to accept our government attacking some country.

  3. Major, so what your saying is that dumping millions of tons of burnt carbon bi-products into the atmosphere each year has no impact on our climate over and above what occurs naturally? Shit if that’s the case then smoking can’t be that harmful to our health! Or sucking on the exhaust pipe of an idling car. Ya gotta love the flat earth society.

  4. Major, I like your 152 year figure.
    Do you know on which date in 1859 it all started?
    And where was it?
    Who lit the match?

  5. #1 – true

    #2 – True

    #3 – Previous global warmings, true. This one, false.

    #4 – 152 years would take us back to the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania. But, as this article from “Low-Tech Magazine”, there was large scale burning of peat – the precursor to coal – in Europe for the past 1000 years for thermal energy purposes. And, coal has been burned on a large scale ever since the 1400s.


    We only started burning fossil fuels to move things a little over 200 years ago. But we’ve been burning them to keep warm for 1000 years.

    And we are causing this bout of global warming, and by doing so – since Nature Bats Last – we are going to see this creation of ours, civilization, brought to its knees.

    Our legacy will be the same as that of Ozymandias – “look on my works ye mighty and despair”.


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