7 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. In so many respects, this administration is no better and no different than its predecessor.
    And, strangely, they are/were both fronted by guys who look a little like Alfred E. Newman.

  2. i highly doubt that the obama administration will start a war with iran. they are not making any effort to build the case for one. all they are arguing for are more sanctions on iran. they are not even floating the idea for a limited military strike. recall that the bush administration floated the idea multiple times, suggesting a constituency within the administration for a war with iran.

    i do see the obama administration trying to isolate iran economically and diplomatically. but i can’t see any basis for thinking they want a military strike. if you listen to their iran talk, it really is quite different from what i heard from the bush admin.

  3. Hey, lying us into a war worked so well for Bush/Cheney, why wouldn’t Obama pick up on the MO? I mean, he’s really into extend and cement in place Bush/Cheney policies, so why not use the lies and omissions tactics as well?

  4. Yes, but we’re hearing that Israel wants to bomb them and the U.S. is trying to hold them back.

    hasn’t that been true for years now? why would the Obama administration want israel to bomb Iran? and if they wanted Israel to bomb Iran, why have they spent the last few years holding Israel back?

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