2 thoughts on “Why they hate Occupy

  1. There is no question that the OWS movement has changed the conversation in America. Permanently. Bye, Bye oligarchy.

  2. Actually, I hadn’t noticed that before. As much as I have wondered just what OWE (occupy whereever) think they can accomplish, or how, I have to say that this reprieve from the constant drumbeat of the deficit festishists and katfude kommizars has be quiet refreshing.

    I certainly have noted and taken great pleasure in the way OWS has highlighted how ineffectual, insincere and irrelevant Obama, Reid and to a slightly lesser extent Pelosi have made themselves in the last 3 years. I still wish someone would primary his smug ass. Too bad the Nobel committee didn’t try to recognize OWS as penance for their premature ejaculation during that Obama reach around. At the very least I would expect OWS to produce a groundswell to defeat Bloomberg and remove Kelly from the NYPD.

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