4 thoughts on “COLA raise

  1. Next quesion, of course, is how much will Medicare increase?

    Supplemental plans? Part D drug plans?

    Will Lieberman and Obama get their wish to impose a surtax on supplemental plans which cover deductibles? Find a way to not have COLAs actually measure the increases the elderly experience?

    So many questions, so many ways to rig the system….

    Just don’t count your ability to pay for heat, etc., until the other increases are revealed.

  2. “…Economists say the increase should provide a modest boost to consumer spending, which should help the economy…”

    Well, maybe the GDP will see a modest boost, as any Social Security increases will get immediately shoveled off to pay for increases in Medicare or other forms of medical insurance.

    But if the “economists” mean the Social Security recipients are going to be sitting around thinking “gosh, how will I spend this windfall?”, all I can say is “hardy, har, har”.

  3. Oh goody, I get to actually pay a little more for my medicine and not have to cut ’em in half anymore?

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