4 thoughts on “Top 10 tips to stop rape

  1. Refreshing change — ABSOLUTELY. Thanks for highlighting this campaign. If done here in the US, it would cause rwnj and fundi heads to EXPLODE. (And it would so nice to see their brains splattered about.)

  2. I’m all for cutting their balls off, but unforfuntely by then it’s too late.
    With The Church and The Pornography Industry equally if not hand-in-hand reinforcing the notion that Male Domination is normal, thgat women should just bend over and take it, we’ll not see an end to this behavior. The Solution? Put an end to The Church and The Pornography Industry. Indeed, this world will never know Peace until we put and end to the Jew/”Christian”/Muslim/Mormon Cult of Male Domination.

  3. Great campaign.

    What’s sad is it’s funny. Because it’s unusual. (Unique?) If the world was normal, it’d be a “water is wet” statement.

  4. Dang I hope we see that over here, too. The idea would work for a lot of other things, too, such as How to Stop Bullying posters in schools.

    I was reading somewhere yesterday about how effective shame is in relation to OWS shaming the oligarchy. This idea shames the perpetrators.

    Brilliant – thanks for posting!

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