4 thoughts on “How the west cooked up the Libyan uprising

  1. i agree with baker on NATO’s role, but his claim that the bengazi protests were manufactured by the west seems pretty crazy to me. it’s also pretty insulting to the libyans, who presumably can’t be credited with taking to the streets themselves.

  2. This entire situation is even more strange than Baker thinks thanks to the bizarro tomfoolery of Hillary. But more about that later.

  3. I’m with snuzy on this. The Libyans have poured rivers of blood on toppling a dictator who wouldn’t leave, and suffered huge deprivations. To pretend that all that dedication is due to a few manipulations by foreign operatives is just insulting.

    I’m not saying the West wouldn’t take any advantage they can. But that’s not the same as saying the whole thing was stirred up by the West.

  4. Snuzy,

    There were genuine protesters demanding democracy but then the uprising was co-opted by fundamentalists, business men etc. The same thing is happening in Syria now.

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