8 thoughts on “Risks

  1. Was the weather nice? We’re you in Key West or Mt. Dora? Bet you learn new things everyday don’t you?

  2. So you were one of those young kids on scooters that aunt peggy is always complaining about?

  3. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself and did something new. It is good to try new things.

    My weird twin and I spent one Labor Day weekend doing things we had never done before — at a flea market/crafts fair at the Hunter Mt. ski resort, we rode the ski lift as if it was an amusement park ride. She’d never been on it without snow around, I’d never been on a ski lift at all. (Weird Twin = college friend born same day, same year but a few hours earlier than myself.)

  4. Not me. Not on the physical risks. Intellectual risk, emotional risk – that’s fine. Physically no. I’m pretty active every day. My kennel job is fun and very physical. But a broken wrist from two years ago is something I’ll need to be mindful of the rest of my days. Carry the heavier groceries with my other hand – like that. This body I’m enjoying is not young anymore. Things that break tend to stay compromised. My physical health, for as long as I have it, is the difference between destitution and minimal financial survival. So when it comes to risking that, I have to go with a zero tolerance policy.

  5. jeez – my apologies for the melodrama
    it’s early – no coffee yet –
    scooter is no threat to life and limb
    scooter is fun!

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