Oh come on, who needs clean water?

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania environmental regulators said Wednesday they have given permission to a natural-gas driller to stop delivering replacement water to residents whose drinking water wells were tainted with methane.

Residents expressed outrage and threatened to take the matter to court.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. has been delivering water to homes in the northeast village of Dimock since January of 2009. The Houston-based energy company asked the Department of Environmental Protection for approval to stop the water deliveries by the end of November, saying Dimock’s water is safe to drink.

5 thoughts on “Wheee

  1. Old Apache trick (torture): tie an enemy in such a way that water is just out of reach, and watch them die of thirst. New (suggested) Apache trick: tie these fuckers up so that water is within reach… fracking water.

  2. I wonder where these folks were on a scale of safe/unsafe methane levels in water?

    Per a fact sheet developed by the well water systems council,


    they reference a standard used for methane by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior.

    As you’ll note, above 28 mg/l, take immediate action to correct the situation. Below 10 mg/l, you’re OK. In the range 10-28 mg/l, you should take samples to monitor the situation, and/or consider treatment to lower the methane levels.

    I wonder what range these folks were in?

    Also, it looks like the company was doing the testing, but did the DEP ever do some spot sampling to see if the company’s findings could be verified?

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