11 thoughts on “Honestly?

  1. You beat me to it on this one. Jobs was so fucked up he didn’t even realize he was talking like a fascist. A great technological visionary, a big zero on the humanism scale.

  2. Jobs wasn’t a technological visionary he was a salesman. Steve Wozniak was the technological genius. And it was Ronald Wayne who wrote the first technical manual for Apple I. Jobs was a fraud.

  3. Uber douchebag.
    From his wiki page:
    “His car was a silver 2008 Mercedes SL 55 AMG, which does not display its license plates.”
    Because the super rich don’t have to display license plates — that about say it all.
    Plus, he wrote the autobiography so his kids would know what he did? What a load of crap. Men chose to be present in their childrens’ lives. His kids have long ago formed their opinions of their father. No self-manufactured propaganda will change that. Too late, Steve-o, you blew it!

  4. What an over-admired egomaniac he was.
    Why are people deifying him?
    I wonder how long it will take before a full-bore cult religion springs up in his memory.
    What an ironically inapt surname he had, given his ruthless offshoring of employment.

  5. Like all the 1 % have always done, Jobs’ fame was the product of Corporate PR and Corporate media sycophants.

  6. Well, but it can’t be too much of a surprise, right? I think Jobs was very much aligned with the current crop of amoral CEOs, but groovy libs and progressives who dig their i-Phones, i-Pods, and (back in the day) i-Macs wanted to believe that the Apple revolution really was more like the 1984 Superbowl commercial than a predatory corporation that sent jobs offshore.

    I’m not against companies making money. Apple makes cool stuff. I just wish they made it here in the U.S.A. and shared the profits with their workers.

  7. So as long as something works, it’s okay for manufacturers to pollute the earth, water and air and exploit workers? Really?

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