2 thoughts on “Nice Polite Republicans

  1. Evil. NPR has been insipid forever, and the creeping conservative conventional wisdom has really made me start looking down my nose a lot more at their avid fans (usually idiots who voted for Obama over Clinton with the observation that she was “too devisive”, and who normally get upset with both sides equally for “not getting along”). From now on I will start confronting those insufferable idiots (who are obvious confrontation-phobes, which explains a lot) and demanding they turn the radio off in the office.

  2. Actually, what I meant to say in the comment above, before I went off on a tangent, is that this totally sounds like the “veal pen” treatment, and it has Obama’s fingerprints all over it. He and his people may be trying to genially defuse and/or co-opt the OWS movement publicly, but behind the scenes the what-passes-for-liberal-in-this-country establishment is working ruthlessly to blackball anybody under its power who steps out of line, and this episode is a perfect example. That’s what I call Chicago barbecue: burnt veal with a vendetta glaze.

    I think the folks at OWS should definitely take this to heart and realize that the wolves-in-sheeps’-clothing Democrats like Reid and Obama hate them much more than the naked-wolf conservatives because they are a much bigger threat to the impostors.

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