No good deed goes unpunished

So Anonymous takes down the servers of a company that’s hosting several underground kiddie porn sites (in the process, unearthing the user info of those who frequent the channels), and the alleged owner shows up in their IRC channel:

* lolita_fucker (webirc@AN-nrb.e52.94qra2.IP) has joined #opdarknet
hello fags
<*****> hey whatsup dude
<*****> i just started running it
<*****> youre here fast
<*****> we were expecting you
are you responsible for fucking up my server?
<*****> yes
you better watch out
<*****> I’m literally smiling right now.
<*****> you didnt like it?
i hired some thugs to cause some trouble for some of your little occupy events tommorow
your going to get more of your fellow people in more trouble
<*****> ‘little’ occupy events ?
also when we find you
<*****> lol
we will plant some gifts on your computer
<*****> oh pls no
<*****> Egg what have you to say about that
<*****> ,insult lolita_fucker
lolita_fucker: You are nothing but a gorbellied coagulation of porous buzzard. (Bot)
<*****> Oh
some of the users of Lolita city are high level politicians, cardinals, and business men
<*****> we already know who they are

<*****> dont worry
we’ll make sure your lives are ruined for messing with us
the people you found were idiots for using the same info
<*****> Well, get back to your server
<*****> it wont be up long anymore
<*****> you have work to do
<*****> and what makes you think youll find us
<*****> just curious
<*****> i can tell you that not even a nasa supercomp
<*****> would be able to do that
yes i own freedom hosting
<*****> ;o
but i don’t run it
<*****> freedomhost is not a prob anymore
<*****> even with disabled user accs
you won’t be able to fuck around with people like me
<*****> well we already showed
i drive a Mercedes G550
<*****> that we are able to
<*****> Nice car. You’re still going down.
<*****> i drive enough to fuck up your servers
<*****> people like you? perverted freaks?
i own two of the hottest night clubs in Paris and London
I am one of the most important business men in Dubai
<*****> Well
you never will be able to touch people like me
<*****> Well you’re certainly not one of the smartest.
<*****> what happens to pedos in UAE?
<*****> looks like we already touched your tralala
tell your little occupy wall street fags the NYPD will be beating their ass tommorow
<*****> Nah
<*****> busy looking at you trying to keep your server up
we will show you that we are not your average people
i have connections to the top of governments
<*****> you already showed the opposite
<*****> you’re far far lower than your average person
and CEO’s of the world’s largest companies
<*****> who is lolita_fucker?
<*****> pedo server owner.
<*****> hes mad
<*****> lolita_fucker, umad?
yes i am mad
<*****> should just ban him?
i have users TorChatting me
<*****> not yet
to fix this issue
i am a busy man
<*****> i have to tell you
<*****> thats not possible
<*****> !kb lolita_fucker
* Egg sets ban on *!*@AN-nrb.e52.94qra2.IP
* Egg has kicked lolita_fucker from #opdarknet (Requested (*****))

7 thoughts on “No good deed goes unpunished

  1. You know, I am glad that I am getting old. If these are the people to follow me, the next generation, I thank Buddha for karma. I just will not ever follow “Hate talk.” I am going to vomit, now.

  2. boohunney, why do you think that it has ever been any different then it is now? The only difference between now and “then” (you pick the time period) is that it’s all right out in the public these days for everyone to see. Then to debate and hopefully do something about. Wikileaks and Anonymous are wonderful public servants

  3. It is the 21st Century . . . intertubes, cyberspace, etc. Our Corporate Owners (many of them patrons of Lolita City, I’m sure) and the US government, I’ll point out, have hired PR and Cyber Security companies around the world to mount huge internet spying, false flag operations, disinformation and full on attacks against free speech, Occupy whatever and Anonymous. You’ll notice that the arrest reports you see in the papers are the freedom fighters who out these criminals and not the criminals themselves. Trouble is, the Corporate pedophiles and their political servants are just now figuring out that 99% of 697 billion people is a lot of people to silence.

  4. There is a difference between then and now. Yes, some people always had sewers for brains. Now they can share it. That makes them feel validated. Plus, shared feelings are stronger, so it amplifies it.

    Possibly worse than that, though, is that it is public, not hidden. When I grew up, I didn’t have to know about how many people around me had sewers in their heads. Now it takes real work to shut even some of it out. And growing minds and all that. I hate to think what it would have done to me to know about all that crap before I had enough experience to give it the round, concrete, pipe-shaped context it deserved.

    So, hell yes, it makes a difference whether that dreck is hidden or out there.

  5. Imhotep, I do agree that they are good public servants. I guess that I have been naive most of my life how awful things are in the big scheme. The kiddie porn thing REALLY disturbs me and that’s what made me sick.

  6. boohunney, unlike quixote most of us would rather know about what’s going on and not pretend that because we don’t see it it doesn’t exist. But, then it’s easy to fool a fool. Child porn has always existed and yes it’s very, very troubling. But knowing that it’s a problem is much better than believing that it’s non-existent. (See no evil. Hear no evil. Etc.) The more we expose the underbelly of life the easier it is to protect the innocent and punish those who exploit them.

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