3 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Well, somewhat. Do you vote for the party that boasts of destroying America or the one that tells you they won’t, but deep down you know is going to fuck you just like the other guys? Americans are an optimistic bunch. We really, really want to believe the lies we’re told.

  2. Now that we know both of these parties have the same agenda (corporate), what of ‘elections’ going forward. i’m out of politics after the Obama Dupe and won’t vote in this next one because every candidate is a Republican (most far right with Obama being moderately right by comparison). Until they get the corporate/Wall Street money out of politics, we can expect it only to get worse.

    i’d like to see the OWS movement change this before election time next year so that nobody shows up at the polls because we’re all too busy doing the real work on the ground, locally all over the country.

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