3 thoughts on “Why are they so very predictable?

  1. About 20% of the human population suffers from the mutated brain deformity that results in the lizard-brain drag on humanity that has been labeled conservatism. The psychopathic 1% exploit this frailty in the human gene pool to maintain their power and thus their profit margin. Their will never be a shortage of stipends and lucrative internships for those who hate America.

  2. Ron, how then do we explain the 47% of Americans who keep voting Republican in every national election? There must be more to it than just a simple brain mutation. Either that or that 20% figure that you put forward is a much, much higher number. On the other hand it might be easier and more accurate to say that most Americans are simply stupid and are being kept that way by the vampiric 1% who keeps feeding off their blood and brain matter.

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