5 thoughts on “Cognitive biases

  1. Yeah, for most regular folks scholarships/loans/grants/ are the only way to attain a secondary education. But, I mean, like hey, who the fuck can say that they ain’t part of the fucking 99%—and don’t owe nobody nothin’—after all this college-level success? That person is delusional as well as biased!

  2. …and I love what Elizabeth Warren said: something along the lines of “you don’t get rich all by yourself”.

  3. Yes, and no. Bias, attribution is one part. Empathy is another. Rs set narrow frames that reflect bias. Ds are about the empathy, stepping into others’ frames of reference to try to understand what they’re on about. That’s why D’s keep getting beaten up with their own balloon. While R’s are busy trying to melon ball the empathy out of everyone else, D’s double down so that when the dust settles, someone will still remember the value of empathy. It may seem like a huge waste of time or a distinct disadvantage given the current playing field. But that’s exactly what Rs want you to think.

  4. There’s a principle in physics that you can either know where something is or you can know its momentum, but not both. They know where everyone is on the map, but they don’t have a clue as to where they’re headed. It’s more expedient to substitute one for the other so you can pretend to know both.

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