‘Hitler was sent by God’

And yet, they accuse OWS of being anti-Semitic! This is from one of the organizers of Rick Perry’s prayer rally:

Enter Mike Bickle, head of the unironically named “International House of Prayer”, or IHOP for short. Mr. Bickle was one the pastors deeply involved with Rick Perry’s now infamous prayer event in which Perry prayed for, among other things, the wildfires to be put out even as he slashed the budget for the states’ Forest Service which deals with the majority of these blazes.

Mr. Bickles is not a fan of the Jewish community. For years he has been preaching that those of the Jewish faith that do not convert will be condemned to prison camps (aka concentration camps). The crown jewel of this hysteria is his endorsement of Hitler. Yes, you read that correctly.

From one of Bickles’ sermons:

The Lord says, “I’m going to give all 20 million of the the chance to respond to the Fisherman and I give them grace.” And he says, “And if they don’t respond to grace, I’m going to raise up the hunters. And the most famous hunter in history is a man named Adolf Hitler.”

Got that? Hitler was an agent of the Lord and the Holocaust against the Jews was their own fault for not believing in Christ. Before anyone becomes indignant and insists I’m putting words in Bickles’ mouth, you had better come up with a viable alternate interpretation of his words or don’t waste my time.

Go ahead, watch it and tell me he really meant something else.

2 thoughts on “‘Hitler was sent by God’

  1. Sounds like a reasonable interpretation of the bible to me. He’s basically saying jehovah and the devil is really just a good cop bad cop routine. And he’s saying that if it were not for Hitler and the Holocaust, there would be no state of Israel today. A little out there, but perfectly consistent with the god of the old testament I’ve read, and consistent with a somewhat simplistic but fairly accurate view of history. The difference between us is that Bickle “trembles” at the word of god and I say these Xtian and Zionist fundamentalists and their obsessions with silly mythology books are fucked in the head. But it certainly does look like they are doing an excellent job of fulfilling these “prophesies” or as I would call them, road maps to self-destruction with beaucoup collateral damage.

    I say ditch the cross, the star of David and the moon thingy. All these Abrahamic religions should be rebranded with an icon of a suicide bomber.

  2. guest, that’s a bit harsh. Even if you did junk the “cross, the Star of David and the moon thingy” how would you get their 5000 year old imprint out of good old eveyday politics? Wouldn’t it be better to make them all more Peaceful? Maybe if we stopped selling all of them guns and bombs?

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