4 thoughts on “Must. Hit. Head.

  1. Forgive me, but, isn’t this called BEATING A DEAD HORSE THAT WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT?

    Bill Daley is in favor of gonorrhea? Drip, drip. Whistle blowers, he hates?

    Sorry. I’m confused and have a very bad attitude.

  2. I don’t understand why bmaz assumes that Daley is talking about leaking classified information (as opposed to info that is not legally required to be secret but just hasn’t been publicized yet). the vast majority of leaks are the latter–stuff like leaks about the administration’s stance in closed door meetings with congressional leaders. that stuff isn’t classified, but it is not publicized… until it leaks out.

    nothing in the Daley quote itself suggests that he is willing to leak classified info. it just seems like bmaz is making a bit of a leap

  3. My animus against Chicago pols dates back to Jimmy Carter. I still remember the way he was fucked over for presuming to be the one chosen by a Dem convention that was NOT controlled by the boys in the back rooms. And ya know, if we can hang on and keep producing leaders like Carter or John Lewis right here in the heart of the South, it can sure as hell be done elsewhere. I’ve been angry so long I’m really useless by now as any sort of spokesperson, but as OWS evolves into something more powerful I am so going to be there doing whatever I can. Honestly, looking at what they’re trying to do to Social Security, I’m surprised there aren’t more geezers at the OWS sites.

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