4 thoughts on “How to keep Wall Street occupied

  1. I like the part about sending the envelope back. It will help the post office stay afloat. But putting crap, especially messy crap, in the envelope for some underpaid employee to deal with – I guess I’ve been the underpaid employee too long.

  2. Pre-911, we used to load rocks and junk mail into boxes and sent them return mail in the old street mail boxes. Too bad they were eliminated due to irrational fear of terrorism. We unloaded a lot of trash mail that way and had fun thinking about those at the other end of our shipments.

  3. I’ve done this a few times with weirdo religious junk mail, especially stuff like that Jesus prayer rug (ledger sized piece of paper) from some group in Oklahoma. The organizations who send you greeting cards — the donation envelope gets sent back with a thank you for the cards but no money. (And I remind them that I’m under no obligation to send them money.) The cards or whatever came to me unbidden, therefore mine to do with as I choose — some of them get donated in turn to a nursing home for patients to use.

  4. Having gotten on the wrong mailing list, I regularly get fund raising mail from the GOP and their running dogs. If there is a BR envelope I send it back as if I was going to make a large donation and forgot the check or my CC info. Sometimes they are nice enough to send it back so I can complete it. Then I get to send it twice.

    Just doing my part to support the USPS.

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