In Mammon we trust

Instead of addressing the jobs crisis, the despicable corporate whore Eric Cantor — that’s as politely as I can describe him — has helped push through a resolution that reaffirms ‘In God We Trust’ as the official motto of the United States.

6 thoughts on “In Mammon we trust

  1. Yep. And it took them all day to pass something they all agreed on. Too bad there’s no money for them a time management course.

  2. I have some other nominees for our National Motto, that I wish the House would have considered. Such as:

    “Greed is Good”
    “We Strive, Strive for Cheap Fucking Labor”
    “What, Me Think?”
    “Privatize Profits, Socialize Loss”
    “To Get a Good Job, Get a Good Education. Ha, Ha – Just Kidding”
    “Fredo, As Long as Momma Lives”
    “In the Name of Freedom and Democracy, We Will Fuck You Up”
    “Externalize the Costs; Always Externalize the Costs”
    “People Are Expendable; Corporate Persons Are Sacred”

  3. Is it true that Eric Cantor is having an affair with Rick Perry?, or is that just a nasty vicious rumor being spread by the Herb Cain campaign?

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