Veterans march for Occupy Wall Street

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Teachers, auto workers, nurses and more have had their chance to show their support for the ideals of the Occupy movement.

Today, veterans had their turn.

There is no perfect way to describe what it looked like, we can only say that their demonstration was serious and somber unlike any other.

This was not a party with music and cheering, their signs were not funny either, this was a true march in protest. After all, these men and women are soldiers.

As they made their way to Zuccotti Park, the feeling was tense. People who watched from their offices did not smile or laugh, they stared and whispered quietly to each other.

And then the veterans took the human microphone. Like their steps, their voices rang in perfect time. The occupiers stood in silence, only opening their mouths to repeat what the soldiers said.

When one Navy veteran addressed Zuccotti Park he put it very simply: “If you continue to assemble in peace and solidarity, justice will come to pass. We are the 99%.”

5 thoughts on “Veterans march for Occupy Wall Street

  1. Beautiful.
    May it give the 1%’ers a little frisson of fear.

    Because when the vets march in step down to Wall St., raising a shout of JUSTICE! as thousands of boots hit the pavement in unison, the 1%’ers will be pissing themselves.

  2. Lotsa hateful comments below the article. As with the environmental campaign, many don’t want to admit the truth and just deny any attempt to change anything for the better.

  3. I had to search for a video so I could hear them at the human mic.

    I now support some troops.

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