So I went to the gym today

I was a little depressed to find out just how little I can do (only about 75% of what the trainer wants), but on the bright side, I really like my trainer (a Latina from Brooklyn) and I’m determined to get back to where I was before all this mess started.

Blogging will not be as frequent as a result, but I hope you’ll all hang around, anyway!

6 thoughts on “So I went to the gym today

  1. Speaking about depression. Charles Krauthammer, the militant Zionist and reactionary right wing columnist, asked an interesting question last week concerning Iraq. “Years from now we will be asking not ‘”who lost Iraq?”’—that is already clear (Obama)—but ‘”why?'” Of course Krauthammer already knows the answer to that question. It was because of Israel. In any negotiation when one side refuses to make concessions the other side will begin to take options off the table. The Zionists need to come to grips with the fact that the game has changed and they now have a losing hand.

  2. It’s amazing what a rigorous workout does for depression and malaise. Endorphins or something, I guess. But lay in a supply of Ben Gay 😀

  3. Take it slow Susie – just do what you can and push it a little more each time you go (make it a regular part of your week – say twice for the first two weeks, then move it up to three times a week for a while; if you want to do more than that, the door’s open). Don’t forget cardio and stretching are equally important and, when you’re done, hydration and proper nutrition must be added to the mix (ie. no more cheesesteaks or pizza). Don’t be in a hurry. You aren’t training for the Olympics, just for tone and over-all quality of life. Pounds will be shed, you may have to change your wardrobe after a while and that will feel really good, but don’t go celebrating with a lot of junk food that you’ll have spend time taking off with hard work. Enjoy it!

  4. Whatever gets you to huff and puff and work up a bit of a sweat is rigorous enough. Oooo, Tiger Balm. Best Ever. Remember, stretch before AND after.

    Want a chemical free mood enhancer? Find a heavy bag, put on some gloves and start whamming away. Picture whatever right wing nonsense has you really tweaked for an added boost. Great workout and you feel cleansed of negative energy after. Win-Win. Hmm, maybe I should follow my own advice.

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