One thought on “Bought justice

  1. This is an important article, and it reinforces what I’ve been thinking about our Supreme Court and our judicial system. Note the last half of Paragraph 5:

    It wasn’t just Congress, the regulators, or the President that deregulated our financial system, it was the Supreme Court as well. And if you want to know why bankers haven’t been prosecuted for the financial crisis, well just before the crisis, the court upheld a ruling that investment bankers who knowingly structured sham transactions they knew would be used to falsify Enron’s financial statements hadn’t committed fraud. Last year, the court ruled for Enron ex-CEO Jeff Skilling.

    There is one law, or at least judicial interpretations of our laws, for the Top Percenters and another for the rest of us, the more or less 99%.

    And, quite notably, the Conservative Supremes showed us in December of 2000 that there is one interpretation of election law for the Republicans — and they stated it would not apply for “others.” Read any other parties for “others.” Now, the Dems have been working hard to get themselves into the Top Percenters, even the Tippy Top One Percenters — it’s safer for them that way.

    But not for us.

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