Please call if you’re in PA

The DRBC is the Delaware River Basin Commission. I got into an argument with the staffer who answered the phone when I said, “I hope the governor paid attention to the results in Ohio last night.”

“You mean the vote to stop Obama healthcare?” he said in a snide tone.

“No, I mean the vote to protect bargaining rights for public workers,” I said. “And don’t start that right wing crap with me. When voters really wake up and understand the right-wing agenda that Governor Corbett and his friends are trying to shove down our throats, they don’t support it, and they ARE waking up.”

“All righty!” he said and hung up.

One thought on “Please call if you’re in PA

  1. every single person in the state could call him to say they don’t want fracking and he still wouldn’t care.

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