3 thoughts on “Brother Cornel

  1. West does have a good understanding of what the Christ was all about. How his mind worked. But he misses the point, or refuses to admit to himself, that greed can and should be assigned to the individual. It’s not the corporation that corrupts the man/woman. It’s the man/woman who corrupts the corporation and the system. We must all eventually pay for our own sins. They can’t be transferred to the sin eater to be dealt with.

  2. I recall reading Wests’ work 25 years ago; he was, and is, a very healthy Socialist. I love that he’s part of the debate.

  3. He got arrested at the Supreme Court on the same day the MLK memorial was being dedicated. It was by far the greatest tribute one could pay to MLK on the dedication of his memorial. Certainly far better than our president’s speech at that memorial, where he lauded MLK’s eloquence, another testament to Obama’s designed cluelessness!

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