2 thoughts on “Poor people are liars

  1. Rich people, the 1%, believe that poor people are stupid. If they weren’t stupid they’d be rich. Like them. So being stupid these poor people are of little or no value to them. They should be ignored. Left to their own inadequate devices. If they starve it’s their own damn fault. If the poor do have the audacity to speak up for themselves it must be because they are trying to get ahead by taking advantage of the rich people. They are trying to steal some money from them. But not in the same way that the rich steal. The rich steal from the poor. That’s the moral way. The poor steal only from the rich. That’s immoral. The poor people are all a bunch of sneaky, thieving, lazy, stupid bastards. Unfortunately for the rich they are the 1%. The stupid poor are the other 99%. Eventually the poor will inherit the earth. But only after they make the rich poor like them. Karma’s a bitch.

  2. Yeah, and it’s too fucking bad that the rich die the same as us poor bastards…………………and they can’t take a dime of their wealth with ’em…………..!

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