One thought on “Federal judge to SEC: Do your job!

  1. I work at the IRS. Compared to our lawyers, the SEC’s look ferocious. IRS only goes to court if they have a slam dunk chance of winning. Mostly they’ll settle for 10 or 15 cents on the dollar. Of course you have to have lawyers and go thru the Appeals process and make like you’ll go to court, so that prevents you and me from getting that kind of deal if we had a dispute (and if you are a wage earner, there is not much you can get away with, but if we did, it would have to be pretty big to justify a few thousand dollars on accountants and lawyers). Mostly the government is WAY understaffed to even make a dent in compliance. It’s the back-door tax cuts, back-door deregulation. Funny how nobody in the media or congress or anywhere else things it’s really stupid to cut the budget of the IRS when you want to cut the deficit. Nobody ever makes a peep about it. I guess they’re hoping nobody will notice, and apparently it works.

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