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  1. Walking? What speed? How much incline? For how long?
    Don’t think you’re off the hook because you managed a mile. It’s *how* you did that mile that matters.
    But seriously, if you push yourself up to your capacity and just a little bit more, it will get easier. Take your heart rate periodically and get to know where your working heart rate is, then go above that rate in a few short bursts throughout your work out. You will be surprised at how fast you will improve.
    It’s all good, Susie.

  2. Good advice. Try to keep it a part of your regular routine. I know . . . easier said than done. Anyway, good on you.

  3. That is awesome news. Exercise really is a miracle drug. Just don’t overdo it and mix up your routine enough that you don’t get bored.
    In a year you’ll be shocked at the resultant change in your quality of life. Take it easy to let our body adjust to the movement.

  4. I don’t know if they do this everywhere, but the local Y offers scholarships. Many yoga studios will allow low-income people in if they can’t afford it, too — it’s part of “karma yoga”, service to others.

  5. Good news, Susie! I’ve been visting relatives who live down a hilly longish drive (shared with three other houses), and I’ve been walking it and some other hills around here as much as possible to try to do something to release my L5-S1 area. I developed sciatica in early July, gave myself a month and a half for it to go away, and it didn’t. I’d had serious back trouble beginning in March, 1989, which finally got actually better (hardly any pain and that only infrequently) about 5-6 yerars later. I’ve been good for about 15 hears.

    The sciatica was sudden and my GP said it should be managed by using antiinflammatories, then muscle relaxant was added. Better with the meds, but not really good. The pain on getting up takes about 20-30 minutes before I can stand up straight comfortably.

    Since walking up hill had worked with the initial back problem, after getting some kinks worked out with a physiatrist and an excellent, very gentle chiropractor, I figured it would work agian.

    Not quite doing the job…yet.

    So, out to the hills right after I submit this comment.

    And more power to you to be able to make a mile, especially given the issues with your ankes/feet (iirc). It IS a big deal!

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