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Think Progress:

Protesters disrupted a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event on health care today, interrupting speaker Scott Serota, the CEO of Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Chanting “we are the 99 percent,” the protesters stood at the luncheon event and used a “human microphone” technique to read a statement about how the “the one percent in the health care industry” is only interested in profit “at the expense of human suffering and preventable death.” The protesters decried the influence that the health insurance industry wielded in the debate over the Affordable Care Act, and called for “Medicare for all” or a “single payer health system.”

2 thoughts on “Mic check

  1. Well, here in Rochester, New York, our corporate Mayor, Tom Richards, and “Occupy Rochester” just signed a written agreement allowing the occupiers to camp out in Washington Square Park until February, at which time His Honor and the occupiers will meet again to renew the agreement.

    Turns out that the occupiers have actually IMPROVED sanitary conditions in Washington Square Park, because until they showed up, the place was home to an estimated 24,00 crows who pooped on the sidewalks, GEVA Theater, Saint Mary’s Church, and the local HQ of Excellus bleed-you-dry health insurance company. AND the city’s newly installed parking “pillars” which were purchased, sadly, for the sole purpose of eliminating a good paying government job, namely the guy who spent his days emptying parking meters of their coins.

    The crows pooped in large numbers on everything below them and screwed everything up. I am talking mounds and mounds of crow poop.

    Now that Occupy Rochester is there in Washington Square, the crows are unsettled. They see living human beings in the formerly empty park and are moving out.

    Mayor Richards, much as I despise him, figured this out. Let “Occupy Rochester” stay in Washington Square Park so long as they scare off the crows.

    And “Occupy Rochester” doesn’t seem to get this?

  2. …………and, later on let the mayor keep his sorry ass in the park toto scare off the crows. Idiot………….

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