The Democrats are about to sell out out on SS and Medicare for the PROMISE of tax cuts – after the election. Tell your congress critters this is not acceptable:

WASHINGTON — With a little over a week left to reach a deal, members of the Congressional deficit reduction panel are looking for an escape hatch that would let them strike an accord on revenue levels but delay until next year tough decisions about exactly how to raise taxes.

Under this approach, the panel would decide on the amount of new revenue to be raised but would leave it to the tax-writing committees of Congress to fill in details next year, well beyond the Nov. 23 deadline for the panel itself to reach an agreement. That would put off painful political decisions but ensure that the debate over deficit reduction stretched into the election year.

“There could be a two-step process that would hopefully give us pro-growth tax reform,” Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, the top Republican on the panel, said Sunday on the CNN program “State of the Union.”

2 thoughts on “Bastards

  1. If Obama signs anything that cuts Medicare/Social Security, we just may see another form of anarchy in this country. Already the 1% are pissing on themselves, and if this bullshit legislation passes the political class may need to watch their backs…………….

  2. In New York, they’re taking down Zuccati Park (to “clean” it) by throwing the 5000 donated books in the OWS “library” into a dumpster and arresting 70.
    The Democrats are just the other side of the duopoly – bought and paid for politicians who do the bidding of their corporate masters. The Republicans are the goon squad and the Democrats are just Republican-lite. As we’ve seen with Obama, we can’t expect anything progressive or reform-minded (esp. wrt Wall Street and corporate America) from either political party going forward.
    In Syria something like 50 people were killed just yesterday for protesting the regime. How long before they start doing that here?
    When peaceful protest that’s a Constitutional right is taken away by the police (who are supposed to be protecting the citizenry), what choice do we have to address grievances?

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