6 thoughts on “Nepotism

  1. For anyone who believes that NBC(Comcast) isn’t in the tank for the Clinton’s the hiring of Chelsea should persuade them otherwise. Of course one need only listen to Mitchell and Matthews on the Clinton’s for absolute proof of NBC’s true political leanings.

  2. brendan: perhaps she’s a rook at the moment, soon to be a queen. the gig will give her the exposure she needs to prepare for her n.y. senate victory.

  3. It’s interesting how many political dynasties there are and have been in the US — at least 4 elected Bushes, at least 4 or 5 Kennedys, the now-expanding Clinton franchise, the Rockefellers, the Bayhs, the Daleys, the Cuomos, the Browns in California, etc. I doubt that this is anywhere near as common in Europe, but it may be in lesser developed countries.

  4. Izquierdo, politics is a business just like any other profit making enterprise. Take Bill Clinton (pleeeeze). He is a politician. That’s his job. He held no other job from the time he graduated college. When he became the president he had no money in the bank. He owned no house. He didn’t even own a car. Today he’s a multi-millionaire. Ergo: being a politician is a very lucrative profession. Which by the way is what’s wrong with this country.

  5. NBC also hired one of the Bush daughters — I think it’s mentioned in osme articles. The Bush daughter was hired for the Today Show; Chelsea for the NBC Evening News.

    In other news, Bill Clinton will be an adviser to a former aide’s new hedge fund…. Make of that what you will, but I don’t expect Bill to support the Occupy movement.

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