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Morris Davis speaks bluntly about some of President Barack Obama’s policy decisions.

“There’s a pair of testicles somewhere between the Capital Building and the White House that fell off the president after Election Day [2008],” said Davis, an Air Force colonel who spent two years as the chief prosecutor of Guantanamo military commissions, during an interview at his Washington, DC, office over the summer and in email correspondence over the past several months. “He got his butt kicked. Not just with Guantanamo but with national security in general. I’m sure there are a few areas here and there where there have been ‘change,’ but to me it seems like a third Bush term when it comes to national security.”

Davis is “hugely disappointed” that Obama reneged on a campaign promise to reject military commissions for “war on terror” detainees, which human rights advocates and defense attorneys have condemned as unconstitutional.

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2 thoughts on “Neutered

  1. Maybe Obama is unshackling himself from the chains he has been bound with by the Clintonites? Over the past few weeks Obama has made the decision to pull ALL the troops out of Iraq. (Except those left behind to guard Hillary’s massive embassy complex.) Obama neutered Bill Daley, a Clinton favorite, by stripping him of most of his duties as WH Chief of Staff. Obama delayed the decision on building the Keystone pipeline for 18 months effectively killing the project. (Even though Hillary deployed her chief lobbyist to get it built.) And Obama fired the militant Zionist Dennis Ross (another Hillary favorite) as his chief Mid-East negotiator. All of these decisions were made dispite the strong objections raised by the Blue Dog Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. And they can all be tracked back to the pressure being applied by the OWS movement.

  2. Yes. We all know that good policy decisions are made by testicles. But Obama pre-prez exactly matches Obama post-prez. The same empty suit pandering to power. So he must not have had gonads before either?

    Or — here’s a breakthrough thought — maybe it’s not about the testicles! Maybe, if you could get your head out of your testicles, Mr. Morris, you could see where you made your original mistake.

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